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Aims Foundation Scholarship Portal

Students can view the list of Foundation scholarships below. Please know to complete the scholarship application, you need to be a current Aims student or be admitted to Aims Community College. It only takes one application to apply to all Aims Foundation scholarships. Sign in below to get started.

Visit “View Scholarship Library” to view a searchable list of scholarships, or click a "Login" button below to enter the portal.


Important Date: The scholarship portal will be available November 1, 2023 for the 2024-2025 award year.

STUDENT CONSENT TO RELEASE INFORMATION: By entering this scholarship portal I affirm my understanding that my student information can be shared with members of the scholarship committees of any scholarship for which I may qualify, including academic information such as grade point average and financial information such as need, when appropriate and necessary for recipient selection.



If you are an admitted student at Aims,
login here using your Aims username and password.


Aims Faculty & Staff

If you are an Aims faculty or staff reviewing scholarships, login here using your Aims username and password.


Committee Members

If you are a member of a scholarship committee and not an Aims employee, login here using your username and password.